Monday, February 06, 2006

The Prestige

I got finished reading Christopher Priest's "The Prestige" which is the basis for Christopher Nolan's next motion pitcure of the same name. I have to say, I really think the film is going to be dynamite. I hope, anyway. There are a lot of different ways this material can be adapted and if the adaptation was as skillful as it could/should be, then this film will be one to watch. Doubly so when you consider the amazing cast Nolan has assembled (Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansen, Michael Caine, Andy Serkis, David Bowie, etc.)

I was fascinated by the style of writing in the novel as well. It's framed around a story in the present and ancestors of the two lead characters reading their diaries from the 1870's to 1904 or so. It was a terribly interesting exploration in points of view.

I'm still not sure about the ending, but I'm going to re-read it pretty soon, but I would say that it's worth reading. It's an interesting excercise in perception.


Dawn Lapre said...

Have you ever seen Christopher Nolan's first feature "Following"? It's one of my favs of all time. He did it for around $6,000. Interesting side note- The entire cast and crew was able to fit into a single London taxi cab at any given time. If you like Nolan's stuff (or if you don't for that matter), you need to check out "Following" The structure is amazing, I think it's way better than Momento or anything he's done since. I guess I'm not too into special effects and stuff. I never saw his Batman, although I guess I should on account off how cool "Following is.

Bryan said...

Actually, Batman is the only movie of his I have seen. I know, I get scolded regularly for not having seen Memento, but I'm really excited about the Prestige.

I'm going to have to track down a copy of this "Following" picture though. Thanks for the heads up.

Dawn Lapre said...


You need to stop whatever it is you are doing, go get it, watch it and report back muy pronto. Anyone who is interested in filmmaking especially of the low budget kind, needs to look at "FOLLOWING".

By the way it's a NEO-NIOR, so it's black and white which is way cool looking.

If you check it out and aren't totally blown away, I will send you some cupcakes for your troubles.