Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bush's Domestic Terror Agenda

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I was just chiming in to offer a proposal. I vote that we begin to refer to all of Bush's Domestic Budget cuts and damaging reforms for social programs (privatizing social Security, Health Care savings plans, etc.) as Bush's "Domestic Terror Agenda."

If the Democrats are able to succesfully convince the American people that what George Bush is doing to the Domestic affairs of the country is tantamount to terrorism (and I think it is) then they could really turn it into a campaign issue with legs.

The first step in this direction is "branding." We need to brand Bush's proposals as what they are: the "Domestic Terror Agenda." Then we'll be heading in the right direction. And if you think about it, this isn't all that different than telling liberals that they hate freedom because they think PATRIOT Act is bad.

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