Friday, February 10, 2006

Outrageous news roundup

I want to make up for the infrequent posts the last couple of days I wanted to comment on a couple of the news stories that have come out and offer my opinion (as though anyone but me cares about that.) And the picture I chose for this post was chosen because it's newsworthy, not because I want to offend.

1) Cheney told Scooter to leak the info: First off, this just illustrates this administrations over-zealous nature when it comes to dealing with information they don't like. Secondly, this coming out could be very bad for Cheney vis-a-vis Patrick Fitzgerald. It doesn't seem as though that guy misses a beat and I'm wondering if a Grand Jury indictment isn't in the offing for Cheney as well as Rove. That would be good times.

2) Bush Administration mis-led the public to justify the war in Iraq: Yikes. That's all I have to say. Even when you know in your heart something is true but you can't be 100%, it's still a kick in the groin when you find out with certainty that it was true plus some all along.

3) George Washington and Abe Lincoln had broader reaching electronic surveillance programs than Bush: Alberto Gonzales is the Attorney General of the United States. He should be smarter than this. I've shown this to quite a few people and they don't actually believe it's real. I assure you, the Attorney General of the United States is this stupid.

4) This Danish cartoon controversey is just silly: I have to say though... The reaction to these cartoons is only half a step further than Kay Anderson's battle-cries against Michael Moore. I mean, there were death threats, protests, bribes...

People really need to stop getting offended by words. They don't mean much of anything. I mean, if the Danes were killing Muslims, then I'd say, "be my guest, storm the embassy." But a cartoon? That's just silly, man. It's important for me to make a distinction between most muslims and those that are extremists like Kay Anderson. The majority of Muslims are moderate, reasonable human beings. It's the crazy fringe groups that are storming embassies....


Alex, RAKIA said...

Well, The violent actions that were commited against the embassies are a product of the extreamest streams.

The story of the cartoon was given to the people to get busy with, in order to forget thier real problems as people living in dictator-ships...

So now the dictators will gain the extreamest streams beside them..

This way of thinking s strange, but man - you would also think so if you were a dictator.

Now thinking what brought these dictators to the light... well cheyney may forbid this..

Leexo said...
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