Sunday, February 05, 2006



Me and Roger Donaldson, Director of The World's Fastest Indian

Roger Donaldson introduces The World's Fastest Indian

Me and Kristi at Gothenburg Harbor

Me with my Scandinavian Distributor, Smile Entertainment

Street signs of Gothenburg

Oldest Building in Gothenburg, from the 1600's

Caviar for breakfast?


Harsha said...

Wow! that is a nice place Goteborg..had a change long back to visit stockholm and Goteborg..
Nice Pitures by the way..

Johanna said...

wow, it's so nice to see your pictures from Göteborg Film Festival, I volonteered selling tickets during the festival, but unfortunately I didn't get to see your film during the festival. I am positive it will be shown on theatres here later so I'm looking forward to it.

There were many people interested in the film, I spoke to one guy who just had become a mormon an was eager to see it, he bought a ticket for a screening att Chalmers (where I worked). He told me about another film on the matter that was made "by the mormons" he said, and he wanted to see that to. But then I read that the one who made this film (you?) also was a mormon, so ... Can you help me sort this out, or was he mixing it up?

Greetings from Gothenburg, Sweden.
(I ended upp here just klicking on "next blog", that's almost amazing :D)