Monday, May 01, 2006


Everyone should try to go to a rally or avoid buying anything today to show solidarity of support with the Immigration movement. This could be a very powerful movement in the coming election as well.

I was doing my job as a substitute teacher on Monday and was proud to hear that even students here, in Utah County, were organizing a walkout for today.

I read the article that was in the Post today and I came across something in the article that really sort of set things on their ear for me:

But there was little change at Labor Finders, a temporary office with several offices in the Denver area, spokesman Tim Kaffer said.

"The people who come in here really can't afford to take a day off," he said. "Their daily pay just takes care of their hotel and food."

It really sort of pisses me off that there are people in this country who literally can't afford to take the day off, any day off, to participate in civic duties. Even if these people are legal or not, they deserve better than that in the land of opportunity. There should be no job in this country that if you were to work forty hours a week you couldn't support your family of four.

That's what we need to make a reality. For Immigrants, Illegal Immigrants, Native Americans, 3rd Generation Immigrants, everyone. Everyone deserves that.

Why won't that happen? I couldn't tell you.

(On a sidenote, I wonder if they planned this day of protest to coincide with the 3rd Anniversary of Bush's declaration of "Victory" in Iraq.)

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