Thursday, May 25, 2006

Only in Utah County

I want to point to another member of the county I live in who is crazy.

Read this article entitled, "Can Students Talk About Sex?" from the front page of the Daily Herald. (Who, although the President of Mexico was making an unprecedented visit to Utah, decided to run this story and a picture of this years American Idol winner above the fold... Wow...) Anyway, the article is mind boggling.

An editorial in the student paper drew the ire of one Stephen Graham, president of the Standard of Liberty Foundation. "Sex activists are targeting kids," Graham said. "They know that high school newspapers can be highly effective carriers of anti-parent, pro-sex propaganda. School administrators are either complicit or clueless."
It's interesting to note the following: The opinion piece that is causing this row addressed a vaccination for human papilloma virus, which can be spread by sexual contact. In the opinion piece, Brimhall (the student) wrote that teaching abstinence is not enough to prevent the spread of HPV. "The promotion of abstinence is placed above the prevention of a disease that claims thousands of lives each year," she wrote.

But this guy is nuts. Check out the website of the Organization he is president of.
Here's the point of the organization:
The Standard of Liberty Foundation is a non-profit coporation which exists to raise awareness of radical movements overrunning America's Christian-moral-cultural life and to promote public resurgence of religion and traditional sexual morality to counteract these trends.

There are also links to the "offending" article.

Only in Utah would these people get bent out of shape about a kid at a school trying to raise awareness about STD transmission.

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