Sunday, May 14, 2006


I went and saw "Brick" last night and I would recommend that you go see it, too. It was a really tight and interesting noir film, set contemporarily at a high school.

The cuts and transitions were amazing, the dialogue was tight and snappy, the lingo was a treat to listen to, the acting was very good, the story formula was familiar but fresh. It was a cut above most films out there. I enjoyed it more than I enjoy most summer blockbusters.

The thing I liked most about it, I think, was the fact that it proves you can mix genres and styles of film to produce something that is truly unique and interesting to watch. I've been wanting to see modern noirs done for a long time, so this has actually filled a void in something I knew I wanted in the first place. I just wish I would have gone and seen it a year ago at the Sundance film festival.

I'm just curious where a first time director with nothing on his resume but "Evil Demon Golfball from Hell!!!" gets $500,000 for a movie. It was certainly money well-spent.

Check out the trailer
(it's a well-put together trailer, too) and go see it. Unless you're stupid (which is often the case) you'll be glad you did.

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Steve Middleton said...

Sorry - I didn't enjoy this film - wanted to but it didn't really do it for me.
See my blog for my review.