Monday, May 22, 2006

A Title?

I'm still editing. We've been shooting so much and I got laid up for a couple of days on crutches, so I haven't been working on any blog stuff.

The movie will be done (or at least in a very rough state) in about 2 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions for a title? We've all been coming up with the lamest stuff as far as titles go and I was wondering if anyone who reads this blog might have an idea.

I'm sure you've got something witty Duckie.

Anyhow, I'll give the plot very quickly here and then watch the footage we have. Let me know. Leave a comment with your suggestion.

Mike and John work at a dollar theatre and it's boring as hell. John rides a bike and Mike has to get rides with his parents. Fed up with this situation, these High School students take matters into their own hands and plan a daring robbery of their workplace.

I would also describe it as a mix of Clerks and Bottle Rocket.

(and remember, the above footage is very rough)


some guy said...

here are a few names:

A turd in hand is worth two in the bush (you could just call it "A turd in hand")

A slow day at the movies


Bad Idea

Anonymous said...

Who is Duckie?

Peter said...

"Taking the _________"

What's the name of the movie theater? Is it ever mentioned?

Duckie Butters said...

Hey Bryan,

Your stuff looks good!

I could only think of one fairly killer title. You can use it if you want. If you had these employees punching in and out at work with time cards, I think "Punch the Clock" would be a pretty killer name.

Your pal,



You guys aren't still pissed at me are you? I wound up not posting that video so you can relax a little. It's me Duckie, your biggest fan.

George S said...


I've been trying to figure this Blog out. I found it after Googling "Sigur Ros" and "Salt Lake", together. I recently came across the band. I watched the 'soccer' video, and wondered if they rally appeared in Salt Lake. I guess Sigur Ros doesn't get the same reaction as Michael Moore.

Anyway, I bought your DVD of TDS and I was mightily impressed. I live in Utah, down south. I'm not of the dominant faith, but I like Utah and the video did nothing to change my view. I was against the war. Just before it started the song "Monster" by Steppenwolf kept going through my head.

In the end it's kind of a sad, coming of age story. The vice-president is forced to resign, the anti-Moore petitioner goes in the army. People get thrown into the public arena, or choose to dive in, and it changes them. It doesn't really make them noble, quite.

I looked at your clips and it reminds me of the song by Keane, "Everybodys Changing". It's a song that matches your subject matter. The scene with the creepy customer, what's that really about? You're young. Everything is in a state of flux. Is that bad?

Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same

Everybody's changing and I don't know why

You have to take your characters at face value. They are in a state of flux, with no real impact on anything, but needing to step into the world as best they can. It's really the same story as Vogel at UVSC, but without a dramatic backdrop.

The Wall Street Journal film reviewer was talking about how older guys became great film makers after other careers. You can't write great novels with no experience. Obviously, you guys can make great documentaries. It must be frustrating to make a film the NYT loved, and then have to do creative work with limited content.

Oh, well. If you want a title I'd steal it from the song (plagiarism is so trendy) "Everybody's Changing and I Don't Feel Right"