Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mission: Impossible III

I went to an early matinee yesterday of Mission: Impossible III with my brother. It was greatly entertaining but not a great movie. It was fun, the action was good, the special effects were amazing. It was well acted. Highlights were Simon Pegg and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Phil Hoffman is a joy to watch no matter what he's doing and this film was no exception. The best scenes in the film were those that he was in (particularly the business on the plane and the opening scene.)

The thing about this movie that kind of made me sad was the fact that this movie wasn't about the Mission: Impossible team. It was about Tom Cruise being a badass and taking things personal. I would have liked to see this be an ensemble vehicle and see each teammember do things as cool as Tom Cruise gets to. In this movie, though, the team is there to let Tom Cruise do everything but the mundane.

I understand why, he produced it and it's a Tom Cruise vehicle, but the one thing I liked most about Oceans 11 is that each character was a big part and had a vital role in the plan that was given as much screentime as any of the other parts. And each part was cool.

It was entertaining. Don't get me wrong. It just wasn't a great film. It was a fun movie. Something to watch on an afternoon with nothing better to do (or with better things to do but that you are avoiding.)

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