Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

We are all very busy right now, which is why the posts have been a little less frequent than we'd all like. I'm still editing footage (we got another 10 pages or so shot on Saturday) for that movie about the kids who rob the dollar theatre. Elias and I just finished and mailed away yesterday three (count 'em, three!) submissions for the Sundance Institute. On top of that, we're ass deep in rewrites for One Plus One and a screenplay for some other people. On top of that, we've got full time work.


We're swamped.

The above image is of Florence. She's in the movie and is the object of every male leads attention. Creepy as it might be.


Bobo said...

What camera did you shoot on?

Bryan said...

The Panasonic 24p

steven said...

it's a damn dvx100. but you knew that.