Monday, May 29, 2006

East of Eden

I just finished (in the last few days) John Steinbeck's masterful book "East of Eden."

It was amazing. The more amazing part about the book was how little of it was actually in Elia Kazan's masterful film "East of Eden."

I think that Ron Howard could actually do something reasonable with his version of East of Eden. I've written about "East of Eden" before, you might want to read those posts first (they can be found here and here.) According to the IMDb, Howard, who directed the horrible piece of turd "The DaVinci Code," is still listed as the director of a forthcoming version of "East of Eden."

Chances are he'll directly remake the film version, where Cal is the focus and no-doubt James Franco is in negotiations to star. This is an approach that is wrong. Cal shouldn't be in Howard's version of the film, well not as a teenager, anyhow.

If I were approaching the material, I would adapt Adam, Charles and Cathy's story. I would end with Cathy leaving and becoming Kate and Sam Hamilton punching Adam. That way, it would be like a prequel to the film that's already made and it wouldn't exactly contradict anything in either piece. If you ask me, both are amazing... (To be honest, I think I enjoy the movie a little bit more than the book, but I guess that's because I undertand and "get" movies more than novels.)

Anyhow, this is just a theory I'm throwing out there, and if Ron Howard would follow this plan of attack I'd be happy.

Will he? Probably not.

Let me know what you think.

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