Sunday, April 30, 2006

COACHELLA REPORT # 1 (pictures soon)

Yesterday, after a long night of drinking way too much whiskey and Heineken, we woke up to a clear day. The sun was baking our tent like an oven. Getting ourselves showered and cooled down, we headed into the fest and began a very busy day. I actually ended up seeing the majority of bands I wanted to.

Highlights in order of coolness:

Sigur Ros
Wolf Mother
Depeche Mode
Kanye West
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

A whole bunch of hipity-hopity people were around me during Sigur Ros. I got really close to the stage and all these Kanye West people were left over from his set before. When Sigur Ros started playing GLOSOLI, some people started jumping around like it was Dr. Dre or something. By the time GLOSOLI ended, they were all standing still, staring at the stage, with most of them pouring tears out of there eyes. That's how fucking amazing Sigur Ros was.

Wolf Mother took me by surprise. They were a "buzz band" and so I stepped in and got my ass kicked. Oh. My. God. They lifted the roof. Really loud, really fast, really fucking rocking. Check them out. Trust me.

Well, I've got a line a mile long behind me to use the computer, so I'll wrap things up here for a while. I'll post pictures later on. Madonna plays tonight so hopefully I can run from the YEAH YEAH YEAHs and get within 5000 feet of Madonna and maybe hear SOMETHING....

Coachella Music Festival

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