Friday, April 14, 2006


A number of retired Generals came out recently and called for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. They felt that the chief architect of the Iraq war and subsequent American occupation should be held accountable for the chaos there. I agree with this.

He should be. For this, too: Rumsfeld knew of the abuse in Guantanamo and allowed it.

I think he should be for the same reasons the generals gave in addition to the torture at Guantanamo fiasco. I think Bush should want him to (even though he doesn't want him to) because it would advantage him politically.

Bush's poll numbers are in freefall and have been for quite a while. American faith in the war in Iraq is at an all-time low. Who's chiefly responsible? Other than Bush, it's Rumsfeld. If Rumsfeld stepped aside, Bush could appoint someone else with a speech to the effect of this: "We've made mistakes in Iraq. We know it. Don did the best he could with what he had. The job is stressful. It's time to bring some new blood in and change course a little bit. Things will straighten up fast."

It's still bullshit and it wouldn't keep his numbers from falling completely, but it would at least offer him the benefit of the doubt on the Iraq policy for another year or so (in the minds of the conservatives that are jumping ship anyway.) At that point, problems can be blamed on the new Defense Secretary. "Of course, this is a transition period. We knew there would be problems."

This would take the edge and pressure off of the Republicans a little bit for the mid-terms. As far as the Iraq issue is concerned anyway. Personally, I think they're boned on the Immigration issue enough for it to matter very little what else they do, but I think the scenario I suggested would help them a little. And I guess every little bit helps.

Anyone else have any feelings about this?

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Anonymous said...

He is a very sick, old man. Let him retire and spend his bank account before he dies.

He is a CRIMINAL, and there is no doubt about it.