Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More Immigration

I don't understand why Frist won't allow this bill to a vote if it's true that the majority of the Senate supports it. Why don't they just vote on the Judiciary committee's bill and get it over with?:

As it passed out of the Judiciary Committee, the Senate immigration bill now under consideration would bolster border security and toughen penalties on employers and others who aid illegal immigrants. But it would also allow undocumented workers already in the country a six-year work visa and an opportunity to gain citizenship if they learn English, pay fines and back taxes, and meet other requirements. In addition, the bill would create a guest-worker program for around 400,000 new immigrants a year.

That bill has the support of virtually all 44 Democratic senators and as many as a dozen Republicans, including moderates such as Sen. Mike DeWine (Ohio) and conservatives such as Sen. Sam Brownback (Kan.). Aides to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), one of the bill's authors, said the measure could have enough support by week's end to cut off debate, but it is expected to be close.

It seems as though this is the best, most humane and realistic plan anyone will be able to come up with. What is so objectionable about this? Illegal immigrants aren't a plague, they're pillars of our economy. Why should we treat them like a plague?

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