Friday, April 21, 2006

DENMARK PRAISE (packed theaters for This Divided State)

I didn't even know about these screenings in Denmark, but someone just commented my on Myspace saying that she went a "very packed" screening. And then I got this email:

"To the people at Minority Films,

My boyfriend and I went to see This Divided State at the NatFilm Festival in Aarhus, Denmark on April 7th this year. I must say that this film was the best one I saw during the festival. I would like to congratulate you on making such a great film. However, to me it was also a very frustrating film. I was shocked to witness the documentary of such a conservative and narrow-minded community as the mormon community that was the center of your film. Even more shocked because I know that the Danish society aspires to assimilate to American culture in general. One of my university professors once told me that what you see in America at this moment - this is what it's going to be like in Denmark in 10 years' time. I just hope that we can all stand together fighting for our hard-earned freedom, equality, and human rights. When I left the movie theatre, I remember that my cheeks were all red and I was rather angry - mainly due to being utterly shocked by the horrendous opinions of characters like Sean Hannity (he must be one of the most unsympathetic people I have ever seen). Anyway, Michael Moore is quite popular in Denmark, so there's very little chance that the movie wouldn't be loved here. It is very important that movies like This Divided State is made - especially in this time and day when war, intolerance, prejudice, and hatred are sneaking up on us - and without us noticing it apparently... very scary... But thank God films like yours are being made so that we are forced to think about these issues.Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Mette Kurtyka Johansen,
Aarhus, Denmark."

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cowboy said...

Hah! I think it’s the other way around. I strive to be like the Danes. Or, at least, be able to buy a B&O system at least once in my lifetime.

No, seriously, the Danes have a much healthier outlook on life. I marvel at how low crime is there. How much the Danes relish the family. The baby-buggies and the walking through the parks on sunny weekends. Very mellow.

Some people in Utah need to visit other countries. They might learn something.

Paa gensyn.