Sunday, April 16, 2006


I just got this email from San Francisco Indy Media:

"Last summer when the film [THIS DIVIDED STATE] played at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco, we did an interview on the radio station with Bryan Young. I recently re-edited the interview and made it more timeless. It can be found at

So, there you go. Maybe Bryan might remember Elias and I making fart sounds while he was on the phone for this interview. Maybe you'll hear them in the back ground...

NOTE FROM BRYAN: Yeah. This interview was an hour. It was also less an interview and more a history lesson from the radio host. And they called me, asked if they could interview me and before I could say, "Call Steve instead," I was on the air.

And the interview was well over an hour.

And by the last half-hour, Steve and Elias were, indeed, making fart noises and calling out innapropriate things. It was great fun.

Here's my original post from the time it happened.


Anonymous said...

I would like the makers of "This Divided State" to watch "Why We Fight" in select theaters now. It's a good movie that will push the issue even more on how has changed from a force of good to a force of empiralism(sorry for the misspelling).

Bryan said...

I wanted to see Why We Fight more than almost anything. It was playing Salt Lake City for all of 6 days. I went to see it on the 7th day.

It was no longer playing.

Believe me, I want to see it too.

As far as this interview...


Anonymous said... has some clips and a trailer and some other good stuff.