Saturday, April 08, 2006


The Salt Lake City Weekly held their annual "Best of Utah" Party last night and I was invited to attend the VIP reception with Kristi because THIS DIVIDED STATE got an award for "Best Documentary". It really surprised me that we didn't get any recognition last year. Last April, we had just finished the movie, we had prominent national papers (such as The Washington Post) writing articles about us, and I was about to start a 24 college campus national tour with the film. During ALL of this, The City Weekly didn't write one word about THIS DIVIDED STATE and all its awards and recognitions despite the fact that it was a locallly made film.

So I guess this year, someone on the staff actually watched our movie and said "Why the fuck didn't we give these guys an award LAST year?" And the rest is history.

City Weekly's BEST OF UTAH PARTY in Salt Lake City

One of probably 387 awards passed out that night.

Kristi (producer) and me.

Me with the SLUG MAGAZINE girls. Hot damn.

The Horns at The Urban Lounge after the party.

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