Monday, April 10, 2006

Patriotic Americans

So, hundreds of thousands, possibly more than a million patriotic Americans will be marching across the country today in support of better treatment of Immigrants to this country, illegal or otherwise.

These people will be marching on the National Mall and in cities across the country.

This is the face of a new movement. These people seem to represent the ideals of the American political scene better than the politicians. They are the people and they are voicing their opinion. They are voicing it in the best way they know how because it seems as though our elected officials are letting them down. No. Our elected officials ARE letting them down.

What these bigoted congressmen don't seem to understand is that this is a significant voting block that they are effectively turning their backs on. In the '04 "election" brilliant political wrangling (credit where credit is due...) offered the Bush incumbency and their allies an advantage with the hispanic vote. No matter how in support of the Guest Worker program Bush is the backlash of his party's hesitancy to address this issue in a compassionate manner will affect those whom he supports.

If this current congress battle this issue to a stalemate, the midterm elections could be very bad for the Republicans indeed.

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