Sunday, April 02, 2006


I worked Monday through Friday this weekend on a TV Pilot called "Beyond" for 20th Century Fox. Brian Grazer (Ron Howard's producer) was producing it with Imagine Television and Breck Eisner (Disney's Michael Eisner's son and director of "Sahara") directed it. I was supposed to be a production assistant but was "promoted" to the director's assistant and that turned out to be a sweet job. We shot up at Strawberry Resevoir here in Utah where there was a constant average of 3 or 4 feet of snow on the ground and nightly temperatures hovered around 0 degrees fahrenheit with the wind chill being around -15 degrees. The whole experience was fast paced and exciting, but very taxing on my body. My legs and feet are still killing me. Also, I got to hang out with MAXIM model and VH1 host Rachel Perry quite a bit (see photo). She's actually a VERY nice person. Unlike most young actresses I've worked with who are usually spoiled little brats. Anyways, here are some pics from the week's work. I'll trim down the amount later on...

Setting up the helicopter shot.

Setting up the Snow Cat for driving shots.

Me out in the middle of freaking nowhere.

Seriously, the cold was no joke.

Breck Eisner directs.

March 28th and tons of snow.

One of the sets for the show.

Setting up a shot on top of a hill. 4 feet of loose snow.

Close up of Inuit Village set. Looks beautiful.

Rachel Perry and Me.

Rachel Perry in STUFF Magazine.

Looks like the surface of the moon...

Actors getting make-up touch ups.
Looks like another planet with that cool lighting.

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