Saturday, April 15, 2006


First batch of pictures up from Hong Kong. I'll add commentary later...

STEVE and streets of Hong Kong

KRISTI and streets of Hong Kong

Muslim Cemetary behind my hotel.

Kristi, Bamboo, and Flowers.

God Damn it. I can't get away.

Kay Anderson baffles the Asian Audience.

THIS DIVIDED STATE festival post, in english and chinese.

Q and A session with translator.

Answering a question.
Film students from the University of Hong Kong after the screening.


Anonymous said...

hey, you probably don't remember me but i was the person who asked for your signature after the hong kong screening :D i'd just like to say that you did a wonderful job and i really enjoyed it. thank you!

Anonymous said...

hey - i'm the girl from yesterday's hk screening who asked for your signature. would just like to say that i really liked your film! :D

star said...

I watched the hk screening yesterday. Interesting take on freedom of speech. I don't think Moore's right to speak would seriously be debated in many places, and I think that's hardly the film's point, but I wonder about your take on the Denmark Islamic cartoons (and the implications of freedom of speech there). Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay in Hong Kong!

Mona said...

I'm not Chinese, but I think you are very special.
Bless you,