Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Saturday Shorts

The Saturday Shorts website will be updated very soon in the near future. (I've been assured that it would be by this weekend.) But I wanted to give a little refresher of what Saturday Shorts is and a little taste of the massive update that is going to be put up.

My little brother and I put this music video (Mucha Libre) together in about 4 hours, from pre-production to exported Quicktime movie.

Just watch it. I assure you it's worth a chuckle. (and BTW, he picked the song)

Saturday Shorts is what we use to mess around with film in a less-serious way than stuff like This Divided State. We try to make short films on a Saturday and no more than that. Sometimes they work out well and other times they don't. This update will have a variety of that sort of thing and some trailers to other more polished projects we've done. I'll put the link up as soon as it's ready, but in the meantime, enjoy the music video.

And be sure to let me know what you thought in the comments area.

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hugeshortfan said...

I can't wait to get back on the ball with Saturdayshorts!!! That website is awesome!!! probably more awesome than it should be!