Wednesday, November 16, 2005



Zula/Willis 08! A step in the right direction!

Why not Zula and Wesley Willis? Why was Christopher Walken somehow a believable candidae, but this dynamic duo instantly insights a knee slapping guffah? Sure Zula may not be an “actual” person and Wesley Willis might be (is) deceased, but that is beside the point.

I submit, that if I were to post two, randomly selected TV anchor man headshots, post them on this or any pseudo-political blog with the headline: Chrisiansen/ Stevenson 08, Moving America Forward, or some stupid shit like that, nobody would bat an eyelash. In fact, I’m positive that quite a few of you would promptly run a Google search of these handsome, well groomed gentlemen. And why shouldn’t you? If you squint your eyes a little, they look a little bit like Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, so at least they look the part. Why shouldn’t their candidacy be legitimate? But squint at Zula and Wesley Willis and you’ll see 2-Pac and Biggie Smalls. What exactly am I getting at here? I’ve forgotten entirely.

Basically what I think I’m trying to say is, Zula represents everything that the powerful in our nation do not: Lean, aggressive, black Amazonian women with flat-tops, whose sexual preferences are seriously in question, which is exactly what the Democrats need to become in order to sway the balance of power in this fine country in any meaningful way. They’ve got (to be generous) a wee bit of momentum, now it’s time to sack the bewildered quarterback and run that pigskin into the end zone for a big fat… two point safety. At least there are three quarters left, no time to go soft, because it hasn’t worked yet.

Zula/Willis 08, Try telling her she can’t have an abortion!

P.S. "Political Satire" is redundant.

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