Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jimmy Carter

Why can't Jimmy Carter be our President now? It seems as though he was the right man at the wrong time. We need him right now more than ever.

Too bad he wasn't running against Bush in '04...

He'd have straightened things out right good.


Keith said...

Good grief I hope you are joking.
Jimmy Carter was without a doubt the worst President of modern America.

Bryan said...

My point was: He was bad because he was president at the wrong time. I think he'd be quite effective now.

cowboy said...

Notice how keith doesn't support his claim. Typical of the single-mindedness of some people.

One might think about this itty-bitty fact: Carter walked the talk. He was criticized for being "unchristian". Imagine that. When Reagan got in the White House there were evangelicals all claiming to have a God-fearing man in the office. Yet, who do you see working tirelessly for peace (Nobel laurel) and for habitat for humanity: Carter.

The vitriol for anyone...I mean ANYONE... with a tag: Democrat is amazing. Ignorance is a product of listening to only one side and only one side is heard in Utah.

doug said...

Ignoring his foreign policy triumphs while in office (Iran hostage crisis, expansive Soviet influence in Latin America, etc), let's remember that this is the guy who cut a deal with North Korea that has allowed them to develop nukes.

And Carter's genius of dealing with other nations is nothing...NOTHING...compared to his pure brilliance at managing the American economy. Granted, the President's influence over the economy is limited...which makes his record all the more impressive, I suppose. Who doesn't long for double digit inflation and sky-high unemployment?

Yes. "Jimmy Carter for President!"