Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Closed Session

I think the headline to this article should read: Democrats Grow Spine.

I don't understand why the GOP would be upset about this. Democrats have been begging for an investigation into the existence of Imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction. Obviously the Republicans don't want to start an investigation into how badly their president lied. So when the Democrats finally grew a spine and said, "We want to find out who should be accountable in this gross misuse of exagerated information."

Just because Rule 21 isn't invoked often doesn't mean Harry Reid doesn't have a right to use it.

I think this is a good sign for Democracy. How can you have an opposition party that caves in on everything? They're actually showing a promise of strength. And that's a promise they'll need to keep if they want to make gains in the midterm.


Anonymous said...

Imagine the outrage if the GOP Senators pulled the same stunt. Frist and Reid were getting along, now any trust that might have been established is gone, and it was taken away by the Democrats. Not a good thing.

Kevin said...

Oh come on. Rule 21 is all about provision of notice. Oooooh...I don't trust my colleague because he/she organized a closed meeting and caught me by surprise. So the Republicans were caught unprepared on a topic that involves the lack of integrity of their president and their party. Considering the question, I really don't mind if republicans are offended. ALso the reason rule 21 exists is to specifically discuss "exceptional circumstances when committee discussion could unfairly damage the reputation of individuals". Hence the request for closed session.