Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bad Weekend, Good Movies

I've had a really stressful weekend. My internet has been down, so I've not been able to work on my stuff that I've needed to get done on This Divided State (much to Steve's eternal dissapointment) and any time I've been able to get near a computer that works, I've been babysitting.

I don't know about you guys, but when I can't get my work done or check my email I get really, really stressed out.

So, in order to maintain my sanity, I went on a binge of movies this weekend.

I started with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This was 12:01 am on Friday morning. It was good, I just think there needed to be more cut out of it. The filmmaking also wasn't as good as Alfonso Cuaron's on The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Then on Friday night, I went to go see New York Doll which was very, very good. It was a highly entertaining and heartwarming documentary I would urge everyone to see. It was also very well structured, in my opinion, it was a very tight and manageable length.

Then on Saturday morning I went out to see Walk the Line. I can't imagine people really liking this if they aren't fans of either Johnny Cash or Joaquin Phoenix. But it's an interesting look at Johnny Cash from a fan. I really knew very little about him personally. Also, I managed to really like Reese Witherspoon in this movie. Bottom Line, I liked it alot.

Then on Saturday night, my little brother and I drove up to Salt Lake City to go see Good Night and Good Luck. It was really good. The moral of the movie was that Television should stop trying to merely entertain people and try to educate them once in a while. I'm going to do a big write up of the media, using Good Night, and Good Luck as my center.

That should be interesting.

I'm still trying to convince someone to go see something with me tonight too. I hear Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is good... And Capote is still playing, too...

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