Friday, November 25, 2005

Example of Hateful Intolerance

Here's an email that my dad sent out to the entire family today. I seriously hope the "batshit crazy" gene doesn't run in my blood...

BEGIN EMAIL: "I'm forwarding the following e-mail that I just sent to FOXNews because I hope that you agree with the theme of my message to them and will write an e-mail of your own. Further, I encourage you to become more proactive with countering the moral and ethical decay that is sweeping this country with greater persistence. All failed structures whether tangible or intangible began as small, apparently insignificant, cracks in the construction material or human character.

[signature removed]

To Whom It May Concern [AT FOXNEWS]:

The replacement last night for Shepard Smith's show that aired from 7-8 P.M. reported that Elton John was going to have a civil union with some guy. In closing the story, this reporter stated that there wasn't anything wrong with being Gay. I take exception to that statement. While I don't think any person should ever be personally attacked for his or her beliefs, I do believe a wrong principle should be exposed, when confronted, particularly for the sake of children and teenagers. Therefore, I'm writing this e-mail as a counterpoint.

The homosexual lifestyle is not normal. One would, I hope, acknowledge that one needs to be careful with what he or she puts into his or her mouth or sickness and possibly death will occur. One, as well, is careful with what he or she allows to be placed into his/her nose, ears, eyes and onto any open wound. I gained this knowledge throughout my life from many different sources. Throughout my life, as well, I have been taught, informally and formally, that the anus is an opening of the skin at the end of the large intestine. Its purpose is to allow fecal material to exit the body. This is the last stage of the digestive process. No one has ever told me, whether informally or formally, that one of the purposes of the anus is to have a man's penis thrust into it. In other words, to have your reporter suggest that being Gay is normal, in fact, is not only irresponsible but also a dangerous lie.

I have come to trust FOX News with not only being fair and balanced but, as well, not being politically correct. I hope this reporter's reckless comment doesn't reflect a shift from in your organization's reporting philosophy.

Thank you for your time with this matter." END EMAIL

Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ. Can you say, "Extremist"?


Elias said...

your dad is a fucking nut bar

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!! Anus, anus anus.... and the funniest part was:
"I have come to trust FOX News with... being fair and balanced..."

Anonymous said...

If someone thinks homosexuality is only about sex...particularly anal sex...that person is sadly woefully ignorant.

I'm bracing for the wholesale condemnation of homos when Brokeback Mountain starts shows at the theaters. It will come from people who will never see the show but will pass judgement on the movie.

But, Steven, I felt uncomfortable in explaining homosexuality to my Mother. You should mention there are a few gays who never practice anal sex but they're nonetheless gay. There's so much more to being with someone you love and cherish. Just watch how two people who are in love interact with each other. It's not just sex.

I had an uneasy moment with hearing my Mother say the word: Lesbian. I didn't think she knew what that meant.

Anonymous said...

maybe he didn't articulate it well, but his point is valid. Gay is *not* normal... By definition it is deviant.

Anonymous said...

dude - your dad is too funny. I hope he loved your film.

Anonymous said...

Gays are only "Deviant" if you put that label on it, anonymous@5:53. Gays are naturally occuring. The better word would be: "Different"

Your word tends to fall into the negative /hate genre.

Anonymous said...

i like boys....eeeeee.....raise your hand if your gay!....wiener!

John said...

I'll never forget the sound your dad would make when we would do something he disapproved of.


I hope he didn't think we were gay...

Anonymous said...

Because, you know, straight people *never* have anal sex! No sir-ee! ;-D