Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Encouraging News

While we all wait for Elias and his Zula '08 post, I thought I would share some good news.

KSL is reporting that Orrin Hatch is polling at 45% versus "Someone Else"'s 48%. This is good news. I think KSL is ridiculous to think that this makes him strong heading into re-election.

Everybody should take that as an invitation to go learn more about "Someone Else" Pete Ashdown.

The more of Ashdown's work I read, the more I like. It would be great if Steve and Elias and I ("the gang") could somehow get involved with his campaign. How different could marketing a person be from marketing a movie?

And just in case anyone has doubts that Orrin Hatch should go, check out this post: Orrin Hatch is Pro Torture.

Beyond that, I truly beleive that Hatch is completely out of touch. Ashdown also seems way more grounded.

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