Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I was going to write a post about how ridiculous the timing of American Thanksgiving is compared to Canada's, but I'd rather post a picture of Lobster Johnson instead.

Happy Thanksgiving.


y-intercept said...

Please, please, give us a Thanksgiving Rant.

Americans are so stupid. We even even harvest our crops at a stupid time of the year.

Canada is so much more efficient than the US. They get done with harvesting their crops in the middle of October. It takes lazy-assed Americans into the middle of November to finish the same job. Is that stupid or what?

Of course, Argentina is really smart. They have their harvest festivals in the April. I think having the harvest festival in Spring, when everything is starting to turn green, would be much more intelligent than having harvest festivals in the Fall when everything is brown and dry.

The Argentinians are also smarter than Americans about their Recreation. Argentinians do their skiing in June and July ... it is so cold when we go skiing. Even worse, the days are so short. It gets dark after just a few hours of skiing. It would be smarter to ski in June when the days are long.

Of course, the Revolutionary genius Hugo Chavez is even smarter than Argentinians. Chavez broke the whole cycle of western oppression by minimizing seasonal variations. The peoples hero created a social paradise where you can get fresh food year round. If only Kerry were president, then we would live in a tropical paradise.

Imagine Provo as a tropical paradise ( shows what Provo would like like, if it were an island in the Carribbean.)

Bryan, I am with you. I am so fed up with American stupidity, that I've thought of heading to Canada. There's been times when I've been so upset that I thought about getting out a map to find out where Canada is!!!!!!!! All of the web sites from Canada end with .ca. So I figure it must be near Los Angeles.

Anyway, having been radicalized by progressive wisdom, I think I might just head to Canada. I hope it is not cold. I've been in Montana in November.

Anyway, Canada's having its harvest festival several weeks earlier than the US is just another sign of the stupidity of this nation. Keep the insights coming.

Unknown said...

apparently, sarcasm does beget sarcasm.