Sunday, November 13, 2005


Over the past couple months, the nation has witnessed an odd occurrence... Democrats are stepping up to the plate and making changes. They are outspoken and they aren't taking any prisoners. All this lead up to palpable evidence of effectiveness: Harry Reid shuts down the Senate to investigate the Bush Administration's war lies, Democrats win governor's races in New Jersey and Virginia, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is defeated across the board in special elections in California. There is now a HUGE momentum for the Democrats. The American people are disillusioned with the Bush Cronies and are looking for other voices. They are looking for change. The Democrats need to be ready. Now's the time.

Throughout the week, all of us here at THIS DIVIDED STATE will participate in writing a 4-5 part opinion series on the current status of the Democratic Party, how they can profit off of their present political momentum, and what they need to do to regain power in Washington. We invite all who read to respond with comments and suggestions. The 1st part of the series will be posted tomorrow morning.


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Thomas Leavitt said...

Suggestion: decamp en mass to the Green Party, you'll send shock waves through the system, and elected representatives that are truly representative of your values, not corporate Americas or the country's ruling financial elite.