Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rusty Humphries

I was picking someone up from work this evening and was flipping through stations and some late night talk radio caught my ear. Some guy named Rusty Humphries.

A caller called into his show to ask why we didn't consider M-16s and RPGs and whatnot Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, seeing as how we didn't find any. The host of the Rusty Humphries show proceeded to explain that we had found 500 TONS OF YELLOWCAKE URANIUM and nuclear centrifuge parts in BAGHDAD. I was bewildered? Was this satire? Because not only is this patently false it's dangerous as well.

No. This was not satire. The caller, quite the dullard said something to the effect of, "I didn't know that. Now I do... Wow."

This caller became LESS informed by this guy's show. And this is dangerous on more than a couple of levels. A) Lying about things like this is wrong and B) the last thing we need are people in the electorate that believe lies as big as this one. It's insanity.

This guy was so full of hate speech and uninformed I was in awe. As soon as he was done making these absurd assumptions about WMD in Iraq, he announced that he had some good news. The good news?

Fidel Castro has Parkinson's.
Which would be one thing, but then he went on to explain how dissapointed he was that Fidel was not affected by something worse. He mentioned specifically that he should be afflicted with AIDS, Cancer or "prefferably" dyssentery.

Wow. He's a real classy guy.

So I decided to find out who this guy was and try to draw attention to how crazy he is. His official Bio (which has a number of terrible spelling mistakes) cites some of his credentials as "having appeared on Wheel of Fortune" and that he was a tour guide at Universal Studios. He also has a "best-selling" album entitled "Bomb Iraq."

Apparently he also wrote "Do the Bartman," although the bio calls it "Do the Bart Simpson."

And with credentials like these, he's on over 200 radio stations.

Doesn't that make you feel good?

Oh, out here in Salt Lake City, he broadcasts from the CBS affiliate.


Anonymous said...

Patently false because he said 500 tons or patently false because he said Baghdad?

I wouldn't say patently false because Tuwaitha is only about 10 miles southeast of Baghdad and the Washington Post reports 402 tons instead of 500.

Unknown said...

It was more the yellowcake part.

And he made it sound like this stuff was ready to make into nuclear bombs right then and there, when in fact it was mostly natural uranium and had been sealed up for more than a decade prior to the US-led invasion.

This was not a weapon of mass destruction.

The Dalfur report also said that any ambitions to make anything into WMD was on hold until after sanctions were removed.