Friday, September 23, 2005

W's House of Cards

Even the Saudi's, the country most responsible for 9/11 and good friends of the Bush Regime, are aware of the imminent all-out war coming to Iraq.

In this article in the New York Times,
Prince Saud Al-Faisal paints a bleak picture of the quagmire in Iraq. I really want to help shine a light on this because people have been very distracted by Katrina and Rita. It's a stark contrast to the pretty picture the Bush regime keeps painting for us and it needs attention paid to it.

With Iraq getting more and more dangerous and the cost rebuilding the gulf coast mounting, Bush's solution to all of his problems are to throw more money at them. Sadly, because Republican's refuse to increase taxes like sensible human beings, it looks as though we're going to be forced to deeply cut spending in vital social programs and safety nets in order to pay for the war and the reconstruction.

This is insane. Raise taxes on the rich. Increase the estate tax. Tax the stock market. If we raise the minimum wage, then payroll taxes will increase (an added benefit to this would be that more money would be going into Social Security coffers). Eliminate corporate welfare benefits.
There is nothing wrong with taxing people that can afford it to pay for things that benefit society, such as Social Security, Health Care and Education.

I think when people realize what is actually going on, George's House of Cards is going to come tumbling down. Sadly though, I don't think people are smart enough or care enough to realize it.

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