Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pictures from DVD Release Party

Here are some shots from the DVD release party at the Urban Lounge in SLC on Sept 26th.

Elias, Michelle, Steve, Kristi, Bryan of Minority Films

Co-Producer Phil and Steve (doing a Richard Metzger)

The Utah County Swillers.

The Horns set up.

The Vile Blue Shades.

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LEO said...

somebody say to Phil he's THE shit, MAESTRO!! that's guts, to stand up and tell that asswipe hannity the immorality of this genocidal war in front of that roomfull of wannabee bush asskissers, who kept booing him the fascists, specially that blond bimbo that told him in that utterly irritating utah county accent 'wi you please sit down' man, i swear i just fumed when i saw that lowlife ask him why he's not at berkeley, BECAUSE UTAH IS SO FULL OF WARMONGING-SHEEP-HERDED BLIND FACHOS THEY NEED SOMEONE LIKE PHIL TO TELL THEM WHAT THE HELL IS UP. i remember when the invasion started they egged us me and a few others, dennis potter, for marching against the genocide. i have to see the film. bring it to ohio dude..say hi to him, Leo Paz in Cincinnati, another hellhole of conservatism, but not as bad as utah ..peace