Sunday, September 18, 2005

Reality Check

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It's always a good thing when an official, well-reasearched report comes out and supports everything you've been bombastically claiming as 'probably' the truth. But it certainly feels good.

A study by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies confirms that the US-led invasion of Iraq radicalized otherwise non-threatening foreign Arab elements and increased al Qaeda's recruitment pool. It also shoots down the ideas the Bush Administration has tried to pass off as fact that the majority of insurgents are foreign agents. According to this report, only about 10% of the robust Iraqi insurgency consists of non-Iraqis. The report also puts on the record that they beleive the number is actually more like 5%.

So, not only is the insurgency mostly Iraqi's trying to take back their country from a foreign occupying force, al Qaeda has been able to benefit from our presence there.

This is what I've been preaching for a long time. No one seemed to beleive me and I bet a lot of neo-cons who support the war will merely put on their blinders when confronted with these revelations.

It's sad.

I really don't see the benefit of what we're doing out there. The democracy excuse is a sham. The draft Constitution maintains infringements on the rights of women and is being written by a non-secular, thin majority who insist on marginalizing the minority. Add into that our destabilization and fascist occupation of the region and it seems to me as though you have the makings of a civil war.

We've headed in the wrong direction. We need to correct our course and we need a new batch of leaders to do it. How is that possible? I don't know. Kurt Vonnegut said that Nixon proved the Constitution a defective document insofar as that we can't remove leaders that are criminals and hate our deeply held ideals as easily as we should be able to. He's right. Sadly though, George W. Bush has proved the Constitution is much more defective than previously beleived. We need some type of "nuclear option" for the presidency. Some type of button or fire alarm device that the Senate can pull in order to trigger an instant election. It should only be used in EXTREME circumstances, but I think a second Bush term is beyond extreme circumstance.


ender said...

Keep in mind that Bush was elected for a second term, so any sort of 'nuclear option' wouldn't come into the picture here. Clinton was impeached for something that had nothing to do with his job as President, yet few Americans care about being rushed (& misled) into a non-justifiable war. I don't think Bush has revealed defects in the Constitution, but rather defects in the American polical conscious.

Bryan said...

Well, I think it reveals the defects in both. We need to care more about sending soldiers to die for no reason and we need to be able to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.