Monday, September 05, 2005

The wrong place at the wrong time

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George Bush has taken time out of his busy schedule to make the announcement that John Roberts will not be nominated as an associate Justice, but he will be nominated as Chief Justice.

Now, I know that the government needs to continue working in the face of a disaster, and although I don't like Roberts, I won't argue with the re-nomination. What I will argue with is the fact that Bush seems to have the time to make the announcement and from the Oval Office.

Why couldn't he have made the announcement in New Orleans, where he was personally helping with the relief effort? I mean honestly, his numbers are slipping as fast as Louisianans are drowning. Wouldn't his handlers want him in more casual clothing operating a relief command center in New Orleans or surrounding areas? Why isn't he part of the solution? It seems as though he showed up, took some pictures and left. And while people are still dying, he's all smiles and back to business as usual. He should be personally sandbagging levees. He should be directing National Guardsmen in the effort to save people. Hell, if Geraldo can help same some lives, why can't Bush?
I just don't understand all of the public relations missteps the administration has been taking. It seems as though ever since the "Plame-gate" scandal (yeah, remember that treasonous business?) the administration has lost even more vital IQ points in the PR department (among other departments).

We need to start holding these clowns responsible for their irresponsibility. It just doesn't seem as though Bush is in step with the country. While we were glued to the news as Katrina hit, Bush was fishing and golfing. These clowns need to go. At this point I don't care what party a new president is from as long as he's not of the same ilk as Bush and Cheney. (Where is Cheney in all of this anyway? Why isn't he sandbagging levees either?)

I think if Jimmy Carter were President he'd be out there in work clothes bilging water out of New Orleans with a rusty bucket all by himself if he had to. And I think Reagan would have had at least a quick and decisive reponse. And Bush Sr. may have too. Clinton definitely would have handled this with more care and dignity, he may have even cried on television about it. But all we get out of W. is mishandling and no empathy whatsoever.

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