Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Zombie and "Hey, Let's Blame the Victims"

So, let me write some thoughts about the Post-Apocalyptic situation in New Orleans. First, let me tell you about a couple of emails I got from my dad. He, in essence, said that anyone called "a survivor" of the hurricane is an idiot because they shouldn't have been there in the first place...or they should have left far before the hurricane hit. He told me that he has practiced the Boy Scout motto of "be prepared" and has purchased 2 weeks of food storage, emergency supplies, life jackets, and I would assume gas masks and duck tape to prepare for any disaster. He gives an example that when Hurricane Isabel hit his home state of Delaware, he had already rented a U-Haul truck 5 days earlier and packed it with belongings. He was ready to go at a moments notice. Anybody who would stay behind is a moron. And he's not alone, the director of FEMA this week stated, "I don't make judgments about why people chose not to leave but, you know..." And, you know, he's right. What the hell were those thousands of people thinking?

I'll tell you what they were thinking... they were thinking "How the fuck can I get my entire family out of this city when I can barely afford to pay the electric bill and feed my kids?" I can't pay for 1 meal a day, so how can I stock up with an emergency food supply. I can't afford the current gas prices, so how can I afford to rent a U-Haul truck? That's no excuse, welfare mom. And you know how you ride a bus to work every morning because you can't afford a car? Well, fuck you, you lazy piece of poor trash. And fuck your hungry kids, too. Thanks, Dad. Thanks, FEMA guy.

So to sum up my rantings... anyone who is AMAZED that people in New Orleans would actually stay behind and face the storm full on, forgets the fact that poor people don't have MONEY. Yes, money is that thing that YOU have, FEMA guy, which is why you can afford to talk out of your ass. Money is something THEY don't have. And now, they have even less.


Anonymous said...

They might of also been thinking "It probably won't be that bad" or "I don't have a car".

Hard to tell what they were thinking. There are so many of them.

Anonymous said...

I suppose these people didn't have the money to get out.

On the other hand, what if the residents were told a nuclear bomb were to be dropped in three days. I bet that town would be empty in one.

Wilma said...

That would NEVER happen, cause our dear president Bush will protect us. ( Insert Sarcasim here)
On a more realistic note; if it were a nuclear bomb threat, I still think the results would be similar, death is not that scary for people, some people actually think that things happen for reasons and can accept trials and death. Maybe even welcome fate?