Monday, September 05, 2005

Dirty Politics

This is the sort of thing that frustrates the hell out of me. Granted, this situation has been politicized by some, but at the end of the day, George Bush is responsible for the federal response in this country. This was a national distaster and we saw it coming days before on the news. Every American knew it was going to be a problem. According to this article (and I'm glad to see the administrations politicizing of things as horrible as Katrina is in the mainstream media for once) the Bush Administration, with Karl Rove once again at the helm, is orchestrating a plan to prevent more political backlash from Bush's lack of response to Katrina in which they place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the local elected officials. I dare them to blame all of this on a guy like Ray Nagin. (Remember how the levees went because the money for fixing them went to Bush's tax cut and the goddamned war? Sounds like Bush's fault to me)

Instead of acting like a leader and calling these local officials and finding out if they expected problems, Bush continued to golf and fish on vacation. The Hurricane hit and Bush was still on vacation. I hope someone like Michael Moore can cobble footage together in real time, split screen: Bush on the left fishing and people dying in the Hurricane on the right. That would be something.

Instead of taking the blame for an utterly irresponsible response, the Bush administration wants to gloss it over. In spectacular Orwellian fashion, they want to change history. They want people to believe that they are not responsible for a single death. Instead of focusing more attention on trying to save more lives and fix the problems that caused this political fallout in the first place, they're more focused on how to spin it to cause them the least amount of damage.

And the reason there's all of this political fallout? Because all of Bush's advisors were on vacation as well. So Bush bungles a situation because he's on his own? This is the man in charge of the free world? Jesus Christ.

I'm so pissed off about this I'm not even sure if this post makes sense. I apologize if it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but doesn't it make sense that they are taking a defensive position? Did you go back and look at your blog? Aren't you attacking the Bush administration? All of you wonderful liberals are just aching for another chance to bitch and moan. He got re-elected, DEAL WITH IT! A hurricane hit, why don't you get off of your butt and do something to help, instead of using this as another way to complain about the Bush administration. Bush didn't cause the hurricane, and what does it matter if he was on vacation while the hurricane hit!? Was he supposed to be there in New Orleans waiting for it? Once the hurricane hit, he was there, side by side with the victims. Now he is doing what he can to deal with the situation at hand. Steps were taken before to evacuate Louisiana, nobody knew exactly what the hurricane would do. Have you ever heard of hind site bias? As wonderful as it would be to give all of those thousands of people a college education in 3 days, so that they would know what a level 5 hurricane is, it can't happen. Let us remember that Louisiana and Mississippi also have governors and mayors, who are ultimately responsible for the citizens of their states. When the 1994 earthquake in Los Angeles occurred, the governor did not wait for federal government to step in and fix all of his problems. He was proactive, he immediately began rebuilding and asked for federal help after he had the ball rolling. I am not saying that Bush dealt with the Katrina situation perfectly, but nobody could have! Why don't you tell everybody what you would have done that could have saved all of those peoples lives. I am very anxious to hear.

Tod Robbins said...

Whoa. Maybe Bush was the cause of Katrina, God works in mysterious ways, or maybe to punish Brett Farve's greed.

I'm all about helping, but I'm jobless and lacking compassion, wait... No really, we do what we can, but if the veil of misinformation and blind discipleship continues America will yet again remain in a speedy course to dissolution. After all it has been prophesied to be so. Thank you Satan, and others...


Bryan said...

I'm not saying Bush caused the Hurricane, but i think his lack of decisive leadership cost lives. I'm also saying that it's disgusting that they're trying to absolve themselves of any blame by playing politics.

I think that is bad times. The office of President should turn non-partisan the second you get elected. This administration has proved time and time again it can't play that way.

Wilma said...

To Anonymous,
Yes, as "a liberal" I can't wait for another chance to prove just how ignorant and stupid our president is,it is a shame we have to watch him make terrible decisions that cost people their lives. And no, we don't expect him to sit there and wait out the hurricane with the people of New Orleans, etc. But for Gods sake he certainly was not there standing by the victims, he took his sweet ass time getting there, and you can ask the thousands of people that died waiting for help to come, being promised they would come, but day after day waiting.... And My "lazy ass" can physically do our give nothing more than the small amount of extra money I have and have given. I hope that if nothing else this can give people the awareness that our dear president is an absolute Fuck -up and needs to acknowledge the fact and let someone else do the job, I don't care who, republican, democrat, green, purple, red, orange.... Just someone who knows what they're doing.