Friday, May 04, 2007

Who Won? has a poll on their front page right now about who won the Anderson v. Hannity debate (the news anchors actually repeatedly called it a smackdown...)

And, with all the incredulity I can muster, I am here to report that as of now, Hannity is leading the poll 2 to 1.

After all the recent business at BYU and the Alternative Commencement (check all of that out here) and Rocky's strong performance at this debate, it seems as though Utah still has a long way to go in the common sense department.

STEVE NOTES: FOX 13's Website (see Bryan's link above) let's voters vote AS MANY TIMES AS THEY WANT. What a crock of fecal matter. They either need to learn some basic HTML skills or they need to learn how the democratic voting process works. They're letting some Hannity sycophant in Utah County stay up all night to vote for Hannity 1,678,904,543 times.

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sandcastle said...

how ironic for steven to go off about people voting multiple times online, when he has created countless identities on imdb and other forums to inflate the user ratings of this divided state.