Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Romney's a Mormon?

I think people should stop taking issue with the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I know plenty of good Mormons.

People should take issue with the fact that he's willing to change his stance on anything to accomodate what he thinks people want to hear to get him elected. More than a regular politician even.

The guy's a conservative in liberal temple garmnets and conservatives clothing.

Take this for instance:

That was as righteous as any temple ceremony. But is that really Mitt? Or an evil Mitt-bot?


NateDredge said...

Oh, I can just see the fun when this kind of stuff starts turning up during a general election.

darcy said...


I agree that people should stop taking issue with Romney being Mormon.

But isn't it funny how Steven posts a post right after yours titled "Mormon Mitt"

Do you think that Steven will ever be man enough to take your advise?

Steven sure seems like the poster child for religious bigotry doesn't he?

Steven said...


Just to clear things up on my end.

I do think people should take issue with Romney being Mormon.

And why wouldn't they?

But I think the fact that he's willing to say anything to get elected, including championing idealogies that contradict the teachings of his church, should send a stronger message to voters rather than the fact that he believes in Native American Angels and The Curse of the Sons of Ham.


darcy said...

What idealogies specifically does he support that contradict the teachings of his church?

Steven said...

Read my article and get back to me.

darcy said...

Yeah, I saw how you changed what you said earlier. That was a pretty cute trick.

What other tricks do you know? Can you roll over and beg too?

Steven said...

Yes, I do other tricks. One of them is a trick that gets you all mad and pissy.

darcy said...

OK, let's see that one! That one sounds like it ought to be great fun.

Dumb Darci said...

Darcy, try bringing something itelligent to the table.

Oh wait - "young" Mormons don't know much about what's REALLY going on...

Jeff said...

bryan, interesting post and clip. I think that the only thing that this clip of romney speaking kindly of rocky proves however, is that he is able to work well with others even if they don't share his same ideologies.

The only thing that many of your posts prove is that you and steven are seemingly incapable of doing the same.