Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Huffington Post Editorial

Steve and I whipped up an editorial about Mitt Romney's performance at the GOP debate last night for the Huffington Post.

Thought you guys might want to read it.

Click here to read "Mitt Romney Renounces Mormonism".


Washed-up 4th grader said...

I am against the form of torture discussed in the debate as well. I am also not planning on voting for Romney.

But what are you trying to accomplish by knee-jerking Romney? Get a win for Hillary or Obama? That seems trivial and against what you say you stand for. You also represent one of the biggest hypocrites alive, Michael Moore. Even those in Hollywood hate him, including former supporters who did a doc. on him where they found out about his hypocrisies and deceptions. He's the Richard Dalton of movie directors. So how can you claim hypocrisy on a man, using evidence that is not only false -your claim that he condones torture- but also is apparently open to only your singular interpretation -doctrines of the church. Christ repeatedly condemned the sinner -did he set a limit on the punishment? Would Christ be for the "greater good" in our current peculiar circumstances?

I understand you were being largely satirical and attempting to get a reaction. It seems that's why you guys do what you do -to get a reaction. What will you guys do when there's nothing left to complain about? And how far will you take this -because in this instance, your irreverent article not only falsely condemned Romney but it also gave way to discussion containing false teachings, doctrines and interpretations of the LDS church, which in the overall scheme of things is worse than torturing a (supposed)evil man for important security information. So in the spirit of "doing good to all men" you, Steven, have done a gross injustice to the LDS faith. Maybe you should be excommunicated.

"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use."
- 19th-century philosopher Soren Kierkegaard

Steven said...

washed-up 4th grader,

You just said that false interpretation of the Mormon Church is worse than torturing a human being.

So, whatever, you're a moron. We get it.

Bryan said...

How does torture, in any case, jive with anything Jesus said?

Under what circumstance would Jesus torture someone? Would there have to be a bomb in a mall? Or would he turn the other cheek and forgive his fellow man?

Washed-up 4th grader said...

First, Steven- nice and classy as always.

I believe that lying to human beings about TRUTHS that will lead them away from Christ(truth) and infulence those around them to draw away from truth(Christ) is worse than torturing someone who has proved he cannot live in society civilly. It's not dramatic like torture, but I'm pretty sure Christ would be OK with torturing a terrible human being( who may have given up his free agency) than lying to human beings(who still have their agency) about HIM and leading them away from HIM. If that makes me a moron I sure as hell don't know what it makes you?

Bryan, you have the commonly false assumption that we think we are equal to Christ and thus we should all act in the exact same manner. If Christ were here would he head down to the local country club to play golf? I doubt it. But i don't think it's a sin for you to play a round. I can't hypothesize on what Christ would do -he wasn't a mere human being as I am and I also don't remember him addressing torture as it relates to security, i mean, specifically. But I think a lot of your argument is heavy on the "drama" of torture. For example, would Christ kill someone who tried to kill him? Obviously he didn't. Yet we have been taught in the bible and almost any other sacred test, that we should defend ourselves. That can open to interpretation. i.e. gun control- which I'm for. But in times of war I do believe Christ supports defending your country -which will mean KILLING other human beings. So are you saying if the US is being attacked, we should lie down and not fight back? What's ironic is that your claim actually mirrors fundamentalism: to NEVER do a certain thing. i.e. don't shoot that man who is about to kill 5 innocent people.

In any case sorry for wasting yours -and my-time. I just remembered you guys worship Michael Moore and I'm ashamed for taking you guys seriously. Good luck with all the whining though.

Bryan said...

Neither Iraq nor the 655,000+ Iraqi Civilians we've killed attacked us.

And Jesus taught people to turn the other cheek. Declare peace.

And I don't worship Michael Moore, I just made a movie about his right to speak.

Washed-up 4th grader said...

I'm not referencing the current war in Iraq you idiot. I don't support that either. I'm talking about any war where you're being invaded. But even in the Iraq war, each country needs to defend itself. I'm not going to throw stones at the U.S. soldiers.

Turning the other cheek and declaring peace aren't the same thing. You didn't answer my question -should a country defend themselves -involving killing if they are being attacked, especially if it's unfairly. i.e. the world wars. Don't play the Iraq card this time because it's not only something I don't agree with, but it is not an example of what I'm talking about.

Who cares if you don't worship him -you freakin went beyond that and made a movie about him!! If you really wanted to nail down the urgency of freedom of speech, you could have at least chosen a subject who isn't so dishonest and immoral as Michael Moore.

Washed-up 4th grader said...

On another, more gentle note I actually appreciate your article about Romeny because I didn't know their stances on torture. I guess I would have found out anyway as I was going to watch the debate on the internet. Obviously Romney supports it more than McCain. I agree with McCain regarding torture in Guantanamo.

And although I don't need to vote in the primaries, I was still unsure about the Republican candidates. I liked Romney better when he was Governor of MA. He's flip-flopped -and in opposing directions to my opinions. On the other hand, he just looks like a president. He kicked ass as Governor of MA. I have a feeling he would flip flop back a little if he won the primary. I think all of the candidates, minus maybe Edwards, would work hard to reach across the aisle. But I'm still hoping you democrats and republicans come through and get an Obama vs. McCain death-match.

I know your article was largely satirical but it sensationalizes something that is quite serious. It was completely invalid and quite bigoted.

Washed-up 4th grader said...

well, "appreciate" in an extremely relative sense...

Janus said...

How do people get deranged over Michael Moore?

Cat Woman said...

Washed up 4th grader contradicts his/herself. Stop learning only about your CHRIST and take in some knowledge about what's REALLY (nothing to do with Christ! He's been LONG GONE!) going on.

If you're so Christ-like how can you talk so easily about killing people? SUCH A CONTRADICTION.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL! Ever heard that one?? Dumb ass...

Stenar said...

Christ was a fictional character in a novel... and not a very good novel, either.

Romney will never be ex'd because the Mormon church likes to hang on to people in power.

ham & eggs said...

Stenar, you are also a fictional character in a movie with your footloose haircut. (not a very good haircut)

Reverend Shaw Moore said...


You are obviously a HUGE Footloose fan which I think is great.

I was just wondering if at times you feel like Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) when he got all pissed off 'cause he couldn't dance in public so he went on that all night dancing rampage in the flour mill?

Steven said...

Washed up 4th Grader,

I like your style.


I really like your style, baby.

Ham & Eggs,

Would you like my ham in your eggs?

Charlie Bucket said...


I saw you with Stenar at Denny's last night, and it looked like you both ordered the "Moons Over My Hammy" breakfast meal.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I just saying...

Patrick McGonegal said...

I have posted an article about Mitt as well that you might be interested in >>>

It discusses the Mormon scriptural context of polygamy and why, in the face of those scriptures, Mitt is walking the non-Mormon line.

Cat Woman said...

Wow...... Wow...

I agree somewhat with Stenar, but if Christ WAS real, then I think he was highly Schizophrenic. So was Joseph Smith. They're seeing things! These days you'd be put in a Mental Institution for claiming what they did! Come on!