Saturday, May 12, 2007

Movie Review: 28 Weeks Later

I saw 28 Weeks Later last night.

It was pretty good. It was a fairly tight zombie movie. I had a couple of minor complaints about it, though. And maybe they aren’t even complaints.

The film has a very strong opening. In fact, it has a preposterously strong first act. So strong, in fact, that I was a little disappointed that it turned back into a zombie movie. With all of the issues and relationship problems raised in the first act, I could have kept watching that movie and not felt bad about it. It was very “Walking Dead.”

For those of you who don’t read comics, “Walking Dead” is probably one of the greatest comic-book series that has ever graced the medium. It’s written by Robert Kirkman and I would highly recommend it to all of you. They’re up to issue 37 and it’s amazing. It’s like a zombie movie that never ends. It happens after the zombies have attacked and it’s about the survival and struggles that you never see in zombie movies about the changes zombie attacks make in people over a long-term survival attempt. It also deals with them adjusting from life before the zombies to completely shift to life after the zombies. (In fact, if you're going to spend 10 bucks on something zombie related, I'd almost recomend Walking Dead first.... It's just that good.)

The first act of 28 Weeks Later deals with these sorts of issues and I could’ve been content (perhaps even more content) watching that movie unfold. But, since this is a Hollywood zombie picture, zombies coming back from the dead is the Act 1 turn. From there on out, it’s pretty standard zombie fare.

And it’s all good, tight and entertaining.

And I enjoyed it.

But I’ve seen it all before. Which is why I was halfway hoping that they kept on the track that the first act started.

The acting was all really good. Even the kids. The chief medical officer (played by Rose Byrne who was previously seen putting in a spectacular performance as Senator Amidala’s handmaiden in the always wonderful Attack of the Clones) was good. Robert Carlyle was the centerpiece of the film though. I just wish (spoiler alert) he hadn’t been zombie-fied so quickly.

All in all, this movie was entertaining and much better than average horror film fare.


Anonymous said...

WTF are you as stupid as the critics?
THEY ARE NOT ZOMBIES!!! In the first film they dont even use the term living dead BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DEAD!!! The Rage Virus magnefies human rageby 100 times and the subject is in a enraged state permanently. It is a blood borne virus, you cant only catch it by getting it in your system,then infection takes effect in less than 1 minute.The infected will only attack non-infected individuals...AND THEY DONT EAT THEIR VICTIMS...they are in an enraged ultra-violent state, so they brutaly attack them,in large groups they may rip someone apart, BUT THEY DONT EAT THEM!!! Once you become infected you merely join the pack....and when there is no one left to infect they stop being violent and collapse into a coma like state. They will only reawaken if new people enter their area....also the dont eat anything,so they have a shelf life so to speak...they last longer if there are more people to infect but if everyone is infected and they lay around long enough, they starve to death and become too fail,withered and weak to move...the virus apparently ravages the host inside and the only way to feed the virus and keep it at bay is through acts of seems to feed on adrenillin which we produce in mass quantities in such a state...when we lie around at rest, none is produced so the virus feeds off the the only way to stop the virus is let it die out in quarentine or burn the whole country.And as far as the new film, as I read it...someone in the government probably kept samples of the virus that was originally going to be used for germ warfare anyway.In recap THIS IS NOT A ZOMBIE FILM its survival horror...theres a difference. This movie has more in common with The Omega man with Charelton Heston. Thats just like this it.

Bryan said...

Tomayto - Tomahto.

Seriously, Infected Person, Zombie, whatever. It doesn't matter what the mechanics of their transformation are, it's tantamount to the same thing. I didn't enjoy it any less because I was able to use the word "zombie" for brevity instead of "rage infected people" every instance of the word. It's not a big deal.

And I've seen the Omega Man and it's okay.

And it seems to me that MOST survival horror pictures worth their salt are in the zombie-genre....

So.... Yeah....