Saturday, May 26, 2007

Iraq War pays off for Middle-Class

I was surprised to hear that while the Democrats buckled on the timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq by excluding it from the spending bill, it has been severely under-reported that they also rammed the much-needed minimum wage and limited tax break package down Bush's throat.

As soon as Bush signs the bill, the middle-class will see a long overdue increase in wages that has so far dogged them for the last decade.

While I'm still disappointed in the fact that the Democrats backed off of the withdrawal I'm quite excited to see that Americans will finally benefit in some small way for the so-called "War on Terror in Iraq." Conservatives should rejoice that we're finally reporting on something good happening because of Iraq. I'm tired of all the bad news, too.

Perhaps this is a shallow way to look at the war, but even the most ardent of anti-war activists can see this as a silver lining to a little black rain cloud.

But I suppose the Iraq War isn't just a little black rain cloud.

It's a Katrina-sized hurricane.

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