Friday, May 25, 2007

1000th post!

It's fitting that our 1000th post here on this blog would be to remind everyone that 30 years ago today, the art of film and cinema was changed forever.

May 25, 1977 saw the release of Star Wars.

I have a hard on for Star Wars and you all know that. It's been one of the single most defining pieces of popular art on my consciousness and on my life. It's brought me together with friends, it's help foster a deep love for films and filmmaking, it's provoked an amazing discovery and introduction to the worlds of compartive myth, it's given me a name for my firstborn son and it's always been there for me when I needed some cheering up.

I'm sure in some small way these films have impacted your life as well.

If you drink, raise a glass to Star Wars tonight.

Revisit one of the films tonight. They're much, much better than you remember and they're even better films than we deserve.

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