Wednesday, May 02, 2007

John in Baltimore's City Paper

John's documentary about the late Don Dohler is getting a lot of attention right now.

For those of you who forgot, here's the website and here's a link to a really cool article about John, Dohler and Blood, Boobs and Beast in the Baltimore City Paper.

John gave some props to Steve here:

Kinhart had scraped for scholarship money and overcame his parents' modest expectations to enroll at MICA in 1998 to study painting, his lifelong passion. At the same time, he says, he had been helping his friend Steve Greenstreet make "goof-off" videos on weekends. "I wasn't taking it seriously, because my stuff was painting," Kinhart recalls. But when Greenstreet went on a Mormon mission to Venezuela, Kinhart took a few video classes at MICA. "I thought, When he comes back, I'll show him some stuff," he says. "In the process of doing that, I found that the medium was more interesting to me than painting." (Greenstreet is now a filmmaker himself, with the 2005 documentary This Divided State to his credit.)


Cat Woman said...

I'm yawning at the boring post this "yawner" leaves!

I love the diary. I love the BYU 25! Love you too Steve! You're awesome!

Cat Woman said...

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