Saturday, May 12, 2007

BYU's Daily Universe Opinion Pieces

The following pieces were printed a few days ago in BYU's Daily Universe paper. The first one is written by someone who is just foaming at the mouth because of the "alternative commencement". I hope he isn't losing any sleep over it. Poor guy.

Then read the rest of them for some hilarious numbskullery:

No gratitude shown

The graduates who organized the alternative commencement were like someone who receives a surprise birthday party who then sends everyone home because they didn't like the cake.

BYU gave the graduates the chance of a lifetime to have a vice-president speak at their graduation, and they tossed it aside without any gratitude for the opportunity.

Then they had the audacity to make libelous accusations about the vice-president with only suspicion, not factual evidence, to back up their claims. Then they invited several liberal figures to come have a political rally under the misleading name of "alternative commencement,"?? because they claimed to want to hear an opposing view to what Dick Cheney had to say.

If they really wanted an opposing view to what was said at the real commencement, they should have invited a drug dealer to tell the students that they wasted their time at school when they could have earned six figures a year pushing methamphetamines and that being positive influences on society is overrated.

I'm glad they have graduated now, because hopefully, it means they will no longer be here at BYU to give us more misleading reasons for the way they behave the way they do.

Kyle Roper
Fairfield, Calif

Immodest leggings

With all the fuss being made about guys wearing girl pants, an equally important issue has been completely ignored; that of girls wearing leggings as if they were pants. This rather unpleasant fashion trend has found its way to our campus in a serious way. All too often I see girls wearing mini skirts, 4-inch long jean shorts or what looks like a long, baggy t-shirt with leggings underneath.

I have two concerns with this style. First, it's simply not attractive. I'm no fashion guru, but I haven't talked to a single guy that finds this style appealing in any way. So if attractive clothing is your goal, try something else.

Second, the dress and grooming standards for women stipulate that "form-fitting" clothes are inappropriate. Just because your leggings cover your legs from where your t-shirt stops doesn't make it modest-leggings only change the color of what you're showing.

I'm not trying to be honor code police here, but if guys get guff for having scruff, it's only fair that girls get guff for inappropriate dress.

Recognize what you're wearing for what it is. Guys: it's time to stop stealing your sister's pants. Girls: if you must wear the leggings, at least wear shorts, skirts or t-shirts that are of a respectable length.

Chris Matheson
Salt Lake City

Guns increase safety

After the recent shootings at Virginia Tech many of us here at BYU are wondering what can be done to allow us to continue to be safe as we pursue our educational objectives. I believe one of the first steps BYU should take to increase campus security is to allow those with concealed carry permits to carry concealed firearms on campus. That may sound somewhat extreme, but imagine for a moment how incredibly different the scene at Virginia Tech would have been if one or two people in the building had fought back with their own guns. They likely could have stopped the shooter, lowering the death toll significantly.

Some people think that guns on campus would create an unsafe environment. However, I have never found any evidence showing that more guns in the hands of responsible citizens lowers safety. In fact, most studies show the opposite; more firearms result in lower crime rates and increased safety.

I am not trying to say that everyone should be able to bring guns to school, but those who have obtained concealed carry permits, which requires classes, training and a thorough background check, should be allowed to carry their firearms on campus. This would serve to protect us all if an event similar to the shootings in Virginia was to ever occur here. Although we pray that it won’t, we must do our part to prevent it and be prepared if it happens.

Jason Rindlisbacher
Anchorage, Alaska


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Anonymous said...

guns on campus a good thing? it's hard to beleive people think like this, particularly in peaceful utah.

Stenar said...

What the heck is the deal with guys wearing girls' pants!?? I'm gay and I have never worn my sisters' pants!

Anonymous said...

I agree that guns in the hands of responsible, trained adults would be good at schools. If someone wants to shoot people, they wont care if school rules say no guns are allowed. If you are going to kill people I don't think you'd be too concerned about laws and regulations. But if a few good guys have guns too they can fight back and at least try to stop the killer. I'm glad someone had the guts to say it like it is.