Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not as dumb as he looks?

I was thinking about what I wrote last week about Mitt Romney and I really got to thinking about how smart it was for this guy to do what he did. Now, bear in mind, I'm saying that this was smart on his part, not right, moral or ethical. This is part of the brilliant political shell game people like Karl Rove play. In fact, it would actually surprise me if this wasn't taken directly from Rove.

If Romney is serious about a 2008 bid, what better way to get close-minded conservative voters to the polls to vote for you in a blue state than to put such a close-minded conservative ballot initiative as a ban on gay marriage (or "anti-marriage laws" as I like to call them). And this isn't even going to help a bigot like Romney exclusively, either. This could be a boost for whomever the Republicans field in the '08 presidential election.

Maybe this isn't news to anyone and maybe other people have blogged about this ad nauseum, but cut me a break. I work a lot and haven't been able to keep up with what anyone else is saying in the land of the internets.

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