Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mitt Romney Hates Gods Creatures

Mitt Romney is a homophobe and everything that can be done to prevent him from seeking higher office should be done.

It seems as though Mitt Romney is so bent out of shape about homosexuals, despite the fact that it's none of his business, that he's threatening to throw it up on a ballot for the state of Massachusetts to vote on like it was a popularity contest.
"One of the tenets of the Constitution is that you do not put the rights of a minority up for a popularity contest," said Marc Solomon, campaign director for Mass Equality, which supports same-sex marriage. "It is one of the very principles this country was founded upon."
Didn't Republicans used to stand for the idea that the government should be smaller and staying out of peoples lives? Wasn't Barry Goldwater Pro-Choice? Aren't a number of prominent Republican and Conservative leaders closet homosexuals?

The answer to all three is yes.

And yet, we have these spend-happy, big government Republicans in office in places all over the country.

I'm glad Mitt Romney is leaving a governership position. And I hope he runs for President and loses miserably. And not because he's Mormon, either. It's because issues like this prove that he's an intolerant bigot. And does anybody else remember the intense coverage of bribery issues dealing with his heading of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee?

Although his stance on Health care a while back was in the right direction, it was only because he was in an extremely liberal state that he supported it. I doubt he cares one whit about people without health care. I'm sure he'd feed them to the wolves as quickly as he is committed same-sex couples who want the simple legal status of marriage.


Anonymous said...

Romney is well within the realm of those willing to compromise their beliefs for political gain. I overheard then personally questioned a consilgieri of Romney's who's advice he solicited for help hardening his otherwise "liberal" position in abortion.

What a shame and a sham.

Nate Dredge said...

Romney was brought in to the Olympics after the bribery scandel to reform/improve its image. He got elected in Mass on the coattales of that success, and under some questionable residency fillings in 2002.

cowboy said...

Is flip-flopping a characteristic of Romney?

He supported equality for gays. There are copies of his support in the form of pink flyers handed out in a Gay Pride celebration.

You cannot stand for equality for gays and support an anti-gay marriage amendment.