Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kay Anderson in the News

I was flipping through the Salt Lake City Weekly and saw an article about the CD release party for the Utah County Swillers. It was on Friday. I wanted to go but was unable to procure a ride. It was to my dismay as well, to hear Elias say that he's, "not going to lie to you, it was probably the best Swillers show I've ever been to."

Any how, in describing Utah County for the Salt Lake based reader of the weekly, this is what they had to say about it:
“Utah County’s just kind of a strange place, especially if you’re not part of the predominant culture,” says Willis. That’s the obvious part: with residents like Stephen Covey, Kay Anderson and the Osmond family—not to mention a sea of Stepfordian housewives and cherubs, all just a little too happy in Happy Valley, well … it’s ripe for the pickin’ (on).
So, there you have it.

Kay Anderson, in the news once again. And in good company, too.

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