Thursday, November 02, 2006

Orrin Hatch is Pro-Torture

This is a repost from about this time last year, but it's still apt. I wanted to remind people to remind people that this guy who purports to represent good Christian values supports the use of torture. I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure Jesus never advocated the use of torture. He also never advocated the rape of the poor that Neo-Cons like Orrin Hatch thinks is awesome.

Here's one more reason this man has to go. I would like to thank his political rival Pete Ashdown for bringing this to my attention.

Orrin Hatch is Pro-Torture.

That would make a helluva campaign slogan against him. And a pretty damning one at that. I can't beleive there are people out there who pretend to have American ideals and purport to be for torturing other human beings.

I posted about Cheney being for it and Bush against it earlier today. It seems as though things are just getting worse and it hasn't even been a full day later.

It scares me how much some of these Neo-Cons beleive that it's okay to torture and kill people. My sister-in-law, an ardent neo-conservative, told me today that we should just shoot Hugo Chavez because he's bad for the country and Anti-American. She said that he led a protest and said that he hates the American people. When I corrected her (because this was wrong) she stood by the fact that we should still kill him because he was "anti-American." Then I said that he was a democratically elected leader and a popular one at that and she said it didn't matter because he was bad for America.

Lordy. These are bad times.

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Guy Barry said...

His Pro torture is his own devised downfall