Sunday, November 12, 2006


I saw this movie last night and it was so funny that I literally crapped my pants.

OK, I didn't actually make brown in my loins, but that would have just added to the hilarity of the film in question. BORAT is a mind-boggling observation of the USA as the main character drives coast to coast experiencing some of the most jaw-dropping examples of Americana.

Highlights for me are when Borat is at the rodeo in Texas and one of the main cowboys (an older gent) talks about how Borat should shave his mustache because he looks like a terrorist and then how all gays in the country should be lined up and executed by hanging. This conversation ends in laughter and high-fives. I shit you not.

The now infamous scene with Borat being picked up by an RV full of college frat boys is a real zinger. Four southern, Republican, "good ole boys" wearing sports hats and polos talk about how all women should be fucked and then dumped and how much women are inferior to the power of the penis. Then they ragged on and on about how much minorities suck and so on. It was a harshly candid observation of the attitudes of conservative young closet cases. Much like Kay Anderson in THIS DIVIDED STATE, they expose themselves for what they really are, mysoginistic, testicle driven, racist, ass clowns.

And let's not forget about Borat bringing a baggy of his shit to the dinner table of a high-class southern family and asking the hostess, "what should I do with this?"

And there was plenty of fat, hairy male nudity to jiggle the funny bone for hours. Maybe that says something about my sexuality. Maybe it doesn't. A naked fat man's balls is funny, though. Isn't it?


digger said...

YOU are a naked mans balls.

digger said...

But I am licking them.

Steven Greenstreet said...

Digger, you are too much!

Stenar said...

The fat guy was so fat you couldn't actually see his balls.