Monday, November 20, 2006

The Democrats

I read this article in the post and it makes me wonder.

It makes me wonder if the Democrats have the balls to seize the day and balance what they want to do and what the people will be okay with.

Fine, they can't be popular and raise taxes. What they can do is close tax loopholes and end subsidies to industries that turn huge profits. Really, why do we have to give McDonalds and Exxon and Nike and Big Sugar and Big Beverage cash to do things when they have the money for themselves. Some might argue that we aren't giving them cash just because we give them loopholes you could drive a semi-truck through. We could support health care and education for everyone if we started closing these tax loopholes and making profit-earning business pay their share of taxes.

We reduce the tax burden on small business, increase it on giant business and do the same thing with income taxes. Reduce the burden on the middle class, enforce the burden on the filthy stinking rich and things are going to balance out in our government.

Let's just hope the Democrats are honest enough to tackle these big campaign donors and do what's best for the American people.

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